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What We Do

Concealed Carry / Intro to Personal Protection

You have to start somewhere, but that should not be with an hour class and a single gunshot. At Distinguished Defense you will learn that just qualifying to get your permit does not mean you are ready to carry. During our Concealed Carry / Introduction to Personal Protection class, you'll be put into situations that require you to respond quickly, as you would in a real incident. In our class you'll confront an attacker, and you'll be put into an active shooter situation that will have you moving and reacting as if it were real. Our job is to make sure you know what you can and can't do, and then help you take that next step to firearms competency.

Advanced Firearms Training

There are a lot of places you can go to get competent firearms training from some fine instructors. We made a decision to focus on one thing...offering you the very best tactical training possible in the Tampa Bay area. We have partnered with those we feel are the best instructors in the area and from around the country who offer their expertise like few can. Whether it is learning advanced combat pistol and carbine, or basic sniper skills, all of our courses are taught by sought-after professionals in their field. Our instructors come from the most elite Special Operations units in the US Military, and we do that because there is no substitute for experience. Do you want to be able to protect your family like a professional with confidence? We can help you. Anyone can shoot at a target that standing still. That is not how we train. We train you to fight when your life or that of your family depends on it.

Dynamic Training Environment

Our instructors are all combat veterans of the United States Military and know that a static range with lanes is restrictive for real-world training, which is why we use a private outdoor facility that allows us to move around and set up scenarios that we just can't do in the confines of a traditional range. Working with small classes in this environment allows us to keep it safe and controlled while ensuring maximum real-world feel. We believe that you should train the way that you will need to fight. Every class we do is designed with that one thing in mind...to allow you to face any threat with the confidence that you have the edge, and will come out on top.

Who We Are

Our Instructors and Staff

All combat veterans from conflicts such Iraq, Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan as well as other places in the world that can't be discussed. They come from the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps and select US Government agencies. There is simply no substitute for real world experience, and that is why we hand-select every instructor that we work with. We want you to have the best experience you can with those who have been there and done that.

Where we train

Our classes are all taught at our private outdoor training facility located forty-five minutes from the Tampa, FL area. It's secluded and controlled allowing for uninterrupted classes without the distractions of the outside world. The exact location of the classes will be given to you upon registration and payment of the course you are signed up for.

Who we train

For all class that involves firearms, we can ONLY train those who are legal to possess a firearm in the United States, and you will be required to show ID and sign our training agreement before training starts. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. For any of our advanced firearms classes, we can only offer training to citizens of the United States.

Our Friends

Gamut Resolutions

There is no substitute for the experience of years gained in the field. Robert Keller is a legend in the Special Operations community, and is a great friend to Distinguished Defense. For the very best in tactical shooting, visit Gamut Resolutions and find out when and where they area teaching.

Tactical Insider

Home of the Red Dawn Response, Tactical Insider founder Craig "Sawman" Sawyer (former US Navy SEAL Sniper) puts on a two-day course to empower American law enforcement, law-abiding citizens and Constitution-supporting militias to be effective fighters against the threat of terrorist upon the American people on our own soil.

Spikes Tactical

Spike's Tactical mission statement says it all: "Our mission is simple, we strive to build the highest quality products and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer. It doesn’t matter if you are simply a gun enthusiast, a competitive 3 gun shooter or a military or law enforcement professional, our rifles will serve you well and won't let you down when it counts and we guarantee it." Made with pride in Apopka, FL.

Sig Sauer

Simply put, we feel that Sig Sauer makes the finest pistols on the planet. There is a reason that the United States Navy SEALs carried the Sig Sauer P226 for years. They just work, and that is why we are proud to list Sig Sauer as our preferred manufacturer for pistols at Distinguished Defense. They will not let you down when it really counts.

5.11 Tactical

The right mindset, training and gear is what separates those who are ready and those who are not. Ready to help those in need, ready to protect and serve and ready to crush goals. 5.11® embodies this mindset of preparedness. We make the gear for those individuals who will always be ready for any mission, for every adventure.

My Patriot Supply

We live in an uncertain time, and uncertain times mean you need to store things away...just in case. Food and water are essential to survival, and not having to worry about feeding your family is a huge relief. Distinguished Defense is proud to partner with My Patriot Supply to offer you the very best in long-term food storage to ensure your family will never go hungry.

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